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Extralink accumulators, batteries and powerbanks

In 2018, the amount of electronic devices powered by a battery or accumulator will be very high and recently it is becoming more and more fashionable to buy multimedia gadgets themselves together with additional power sources. Although manufacturers prepare increasingly more powerful batteries for their devices, users increasingly discharge them. That’s because people use them more and more intensively, and also they don’t have knowledge of their proper maintenance and use.

How to make Extralink accumulator, battery, powerbank serve us as long as possible?

The first and most important parameter, which all aware customers are looking at when comparing with Extralink accumulators, batteries, powerbank is of course their capacity in milliampere-hours (mAh). However, if device is improperly used, even the best Extralink accumulator, battery, powerbank can very quickly lose its quality and as a result the device powered by them will serve the user for a maximum of several hours before it completely discharges. The most common sin of users is too intensive use of the equipment without connecting it to the power supply. Also the use of devices at very low temperatures, as well as not charging the battery fully and disconnecting charged equipment before the battery is fully charged. If you follow these rules while using innovative and large Extralink batteries, such as EXTRALINK AKUMULATOR BATTERY ACCUMULATOR AGM 12V 7,2AH 7AH, you will surely enjoy the reliable battery life for a long time.

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