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Iget CCTV Kits

Devices used to monitor a given space enable to keep track of movements and threats within buildings or indoors. Using elements such as Iget CCTV kits affect the safety of a given facility, which, of course, translates into the protection of property, people and the environment. Kits available in our offer are characterized by high quality and affordable prices.

Iget CCTV Kit – high quality and reliable operation

Offered products such as Iget CCTV Kits are made of solid materials and guarantee easy operation and convenient use. They’re equipped with modern technological solutions, therefore they have excellent parameters and offer many possibilities. Currently, one of the best models in our store is IGET HOMEGUARD HGDVK46704, a complete set characterized by multitasking. The set contains even 4 cameras and 2 power supplies, as well as cables and DVR. Iget CCTV kit provides the possibility of continuous monitoring of a given object and space in the highest resolution. In addition, you can record at night or trouble-free operation in all environmental conditions. The device has very easy and simple configuration.

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