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Ubiquiti Networks – Copper LAN Cables

The internet network is a must-have for every company or household, but hardly anyone is aware of how many minor elements make up the effective and efficient Internet provision to the final recipient. One of these elements are Ubiquiti Networks copper LAN cables. Our company as a specialist couldn’t bypass their role and we put them in our offer. Choosing our offers, signed with the great brand as Ubiquiti Networks is, you can be sure that you make the best possible decision.

Ubiquiti Networks Copper LAN Cables for demanding users

Offered Ubiquiti Networks copper LAN cables, and our bestseller TOUGHCable PRO TCL1 CAT 5E TC-PRO, provide full resistance to weather conditions and even these really severe ones. Thanks to them, you don’t have to worry about the fact that due to bad weather, the Internet connection will be interrupted by a cable failure. With these proposals it’s impossible. This is the highest class, because it’s industrial – with amazing performance. Great parameters of the cables also provide even better link stability and data reception speed. The overall cable connection performance will be also at a higher level – if put with any of our proposals concerning Ubiquiti Networks, whose we’re main European distributor. It's safe and secure choice at a really bargain price.

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