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Extralink – Copper LAN Cables

Creating a local computer network requires excellent cables of the highest quality that will be durable and which ideally conduct the signal. In our store you can find excellent copper LAN cables for outdoor use which are ideal for such network. The cables are made of pure copper, the cable itself is shielded with aluminum foil and has an earthing conductor. If you want to create your own LAN network and you care about the best quality solutions, it is worth to check Extralink cabling offer. The package also includes a self-expanding roll, thanks to which there is no fear of cable tangling during work. The cable is resistant to difficult weather conditions and various extreme temperatures.

Excellent signal quality and durability - Extralink copper LAN cables for individual customers and companie

Robust and durable – Extralink CAT5E FTP (F/UTP) OUTDOOR TWISTED PAIR coper LAN cables make the best solution for creating a home or office computer network. The manufacturer is a leading company of LAN accessories and others on the market. Company specializes in modern and innovative solutions. Extralink copper LAN cable is also made in modern technology, thanks to which it is very resistant to mechanical damages, which can always happen outdoors even during assembly.

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