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Mikrotik enclosures for routerboards

Using the wireless Internet network requires several elements that are available in our store. Very important products are enclosures for routerboards that enable safety of such a device that is usually close to an antenna. Various external factors could have a detrimental effect on the technical condition and proper functioning of the router, which is why it’s so important to use a properly fitted enclosure.

El precio con IVA: 17,91 EUR

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El precio con IVA: 20,80 EUR

High-quality encosres for Mikrotik routerboards - resistant to difficult conditions

We want to offer you proven and recommended enclosures for Mikrotik routers which are very popular all over the world. They’re made of solid aluminum which perfectly insulates the equipment and protects it from the effects of weather and other factors. This Mikrotik router enclosures ensure no electromagnetic interference. In addition, they are very tight, so they guarantee full router security. Offered Mikrotik enclosures for routerboards have great opinions among our customers and not only. Their properties are excellent and the assembly itself is very simple. One of the most popular products from our store is Miktorik 450CA CLOSURE – an enclosure that is characterized by high durability. It guarantees effective and trouble-free operation of the router.

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