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Extralink – Fiber optic boxes

High-tech installations, especially optical ones (fiber optic), require the use of special covers and accessories, thanks to which the signal isn’t subjected to interference or disruption. Optical installations are very sensitive, but also effective, if you use the appropriate equipment and accessories such as our Extralink fiber optic boxes. They primarily help organize cables and connect them in bundles for the intended purpose or goal. What's even more important - properly fitted and installed Extralink fiber optic boxes protect cables (in particular their ends) against mechanical damage or negative external factors.

Optical installation secured inside and outside - choose branded accessories

Good quality Extralink fiber optic box Betty 4 Core can be used both indoors and outdoors. In the latter case, the key is to reach for the most durable solutions, made of reinforced materials and raw materials. Thanks to this, Extralink fiber box installed outdoors e.g. on a building or on a pole, will work equally well, even at very low temperatures with disastrous weather conditions and continuous rainfall. Fiber optic boxes available in our store work well in the most difficult conditions and can always be easily opened to facilitate access to cabling or other installation components. Extralink is appreciated not only for the quality of its products, but also because of the very wide offer – products are available in many sizes, shapes, parameters, etc.

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