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Ubiquiti Networks – fiber optic cables

In today's digital world focused on everything being "now and immediately" - you can’t overestimate the role of Ubiquiti Networks fiber optic cables in providing access to a fast Internet connection. The company Ubiquiti Networks as a leader in this subject - has specialized in this matter. Our company as a distributor of their modern offers invites you to get acquainted with the offer concerning this type of cables. Fiber-optic network built with their use is reliable and solid. These’re durable proposals because they’re reinforced with the highest quality materials.

Ubiquiti Networks fiber optic cables for the 21st century

Ubiquiti Networks fiber optic cables presented in our shop form a perfect solution, especially if you’re looking for something suitable for use even in the most difficult installation conditions e.g. towers. Excellent performance proposals, such as our bestseller Single Mode LC 90m FC-SM-300 fiber optic cable, are extremely convenient to install and use. Above all, they’re solid and very resistant to weather conditions. It’s also worth to mention about their increased tensile strength or insertion loss – everything at such a high level to meet the expectations of even the most demanding users. We encourage you to take advantage of these real benefits of UBNT cables offered by us.

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