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Extralink – Fiber optic cables

Optical fiber is a technology that is becoming more and more common not only thanks to new investments or buildings, which from the very beginning are designed for such telecommunication engineering infrastructure. Very often, Extralink fiber optic cables are laid in more advanced facilities, which have had their time for modernization or general overhaul and the replacement of cabling for such ones is possible and recommended. Optical fiber is a technology that enables not only a very fast Internet connection.

Extralink fiber optic cable in different versions – for an investor, administrator, installer and end user

Optical fiber such as Extralink 2F Aerial allows you to send various data over vast distances - without loss and signal interference - and that's the most important thing in this technology. However, in order for the fiber optic installation to work perfectly and without any problems, it must be properly designed, constructed, and also equipped with Extralink fiber optic cables of the appropriate class and with the best possible parameters. Of course the choice of such a key element of a whole installation such as Extralink fiber optic cable should be preceded by an appropriate comparison of the offer. Thanks to the gathered all the most attractive proposals from Extralink in one place, you can quickly compare both price and quality of the offered fiber optic cables.

The Extralink offer is not only fiber optic cables, but also other interesting, professional and innovative solutions. We encourage you to check them:

- Fiber optic patchcords
- Fiber optic adapters