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Extralink – Fiber optic patchcords

The word patchcord may seem extremely complicated but in reality it is one of the most basic elements of all fiber optic installations in the world. Calling it a cable or wire is certainly not a big mistake but due to the specificity of optical technologies Extralink fiber optic patchcord is more accurate term. Because fiber optic connectors have very different specifications and locations they need different Extralink fiber optic patchcords, such as SC/APC-SC/APC Flat Drop Cable Single-Mode Simplex G.657A2, with different cross-section or length. All these data affect the work of the subsequent installation and guarantee the end user a fully satisfactory fiber optic connection with media.

We have collected for you all types of proven and willingly selected patchcords for fiber optic installations in one place, along with their specifications.

Extralink fiber optic patchcords available now for any type of order and in any quantity

Our offer includes not only the most basic, single-mode Extralink fiber optic patchcord. More often than not patchcords are ordered by Individual customers who for example, bought a flat in a new construction and only need to connect their modem with one cable to the appropriate wall outlet. In places where more complex investments are being made and contractors want to secure for the future in terms of increased demand for data transmission, customers are happy to reach for professional patchcords available in our offer. Their technological advancement comes from the use of more durable raw materials resistant to external factors and fractures and on the fiber optic cable section (curve radius, fiber height, etc.)

If you are interested in optical fiber installations, we recommend using our branded Extralink offer:

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- Fiber optic pigtails