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Extralink – Fiber optic patchpanels

When somebody decides for fiber optic installation in a building it’s necessary to prepare an appropriate teletechnical base in which there is a rack cabinet or server cabinet. Accessories for cable organizing also should be provided. Among the facilities that are absolutely essential in every rack or server cabinet on the first place there is a Extralink 24 Core Fiber Optic Patchpanel. It’s here that the infrastructure of a provider, e.g. Internet or TV connection, connects to the infrastructure of the given object and further. Thanks to patchpanels it’s divided, for example, between individual dwellings.

Extralink fiber optic patchpanel – simple design but at the same time very resistant and functional choice of every serviceman

The market offers variety of Extralink fiber optic patchpanels but most of them differ only in small details, such as size or color. While color of such a switch doesn’t have the least impact on its subsequent use or maintenance and servicing, other elements such as materials and construction used can significantly improve functionality of devices such as Extralink fiber optic patchpanels.

Offered patchpanels are characterized by a very strong and durable housing, which dimensions (19 inches) perfectly facilitate its quick and convenient assembly in every rack cabinet. In addition, these patchpanels are covered with a special coating that reduces the impact of magnetic waves and dust attraction.

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