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Extralink – Fiber optic pigtails

In fiber optic installations, pigtail is found primarily at switchboards (also called patchpanels) which are often located directly in rack cabinets or server rooms. Their main task is to connect the distribution cables of the main operator to the switchboard. Often, such an Extralink fiber optic pigtail occurs in the same parameters of which the most important is the thickness of a cable. Extralink fiber optic pigtail is usually 0.9 millimeter in diameter and 1 meter in length. This is enough for the most projects to connect via a patchpanel to a distribution cable.

High quality and durability of fiber optic pigtails available in our offer

Extralink fiber optic pigtails, such as PIGTAIL SC/UPC 900UM 1.5M G657A EASY-STRIP, are always multimode cables, so they should be made with proper care. These selected models have been prepared by a well-known and respected company from this segment which guarantees the satisfaction of our customers. When you decide to buy Extralink fiber optic pigtails, you can be sure that these cables will have the appropriate level of optical insulation and will be durable and resistant to mechanical damage or distortion. The key to the operation and compatibility of each pigtail is the standard in which its completion has been prepared (plug, switch, etc.). In our offer you can find the following standards: FC, SC, ST, E2000, F3000, LC, LX.5, MU.

In addition to pigtails which finish a network, we also offer other fiber optic devices and accessories, such as:

- Fusion splicers
- Fiber optic splitters