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Extralink – Fiber optic splitters

Correct design and implementation of a fiber optic connection for a given object is not an extremely difficult task but it requires reaching for completely new tools, devices or cabling. For customers who are seeking for the best possible solutions, we have prepared branded Extralink fiber optic splitters, which are available in many variants. Extralink fiber optic splitters that divide one stream into four or eight identical beams are of course commonly used. Thanks to their application, the possibilities of even a small patchpanel are becoming richer.

Different versions of splitters for various applications and needs

Of course, each of Extralink fiber optic splitters offered by us can be made with an already ready connector (preferably universal as SC/UPC) but it’s also possible to purchase the model without completion and assemble a kit by yourself according to your needs and discretion. In our offer you will also find 1:2 Extralink fiber optic splitter as well as innovative and highly functional models in a built-in box, thanks to which the splitter is organized and secured from the outside. It’s also suitable for mounting on a wall of a rack cabinet. Regardless of the type of investment being prepared and specification of fiber optic connections, it’s worth to reach for branded solutions that guarantee durability and high quality as well as stability of the connection.

Other Extralink branded products useful in configuring and maintaining server rooms and teletechnical rooms are:

- Rack cabinets
- Fusion splicers