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Mikrotik masts and mounting brackets

Many of us use wireless Internet every day. We can do it thanks to devices such as routers as well as various antennas. In case of antennas it’s necessary to obtain accessories that will allow free use of Internet goods. Our offer includes numerous masts and mounting brackets which are made of solid materials and which are characterized by their high quality. They ensure easy antenna installation and its safety.

El precio con IVA: 5,70 EUR

El precio con IVA: 6,57 EUR

El precio con IVA: 2,51 EUR

El precio con IVA: 8,10 EUR

El precio con IVA: 8,67 EUR

El precio con IVA: 20,71 EUR

Mikrotik masts and mounting brackets for demanding users

Using wireless internet at home or office is a very convenient solution. For this purpose, the use of antennas is very popular. That's why we would like to offer you functional Mikrotik masts and mounting brackets. With their help you can attach antenna at any place. Offeed products come from a well-known brand, which is why they are a guarantee of reliability and high efficiency. Such a Mikrotik mast and mounting bracket make a proven solution that allows you to attach an antenna to a wall or other surface. They’re suitable, inter alia, for external use and their durability is very high. Mikrotik masts and mounting brackets that are offered by our company enable the antenna to rotate which is very important and translates into functioning of a wireless network. We encourage you to check brackets of this brand, especially our favorite MikroTik QUICKMOUNT.

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