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Mikrotik - media converters

Nowadays, fiber optic networks’re more widely distributed and used around the world and also in our country. In order to manage and install such a network it’s necessary to introduce some elements, such as media converters. In short, they allow you to convert an electrical signal into a signal sent through fiber optics. Such conversion is possible only with a converter, so if you are looking for this type of device you've come to the right place.

Mikrotik media converters – tested and the best products

Various converters’re available in our offer, so each of our clients can find everything they need. In addition, we’re primarily guided by your satisfaction, which is why we offer only proven and advanced solutions. As a distributor of the Mikrotik brand we couldn’t omit a product such as MikroTik FIBER-TO- COPPER CONVERTER. This top Mikrotik media converter and is very efficient and solid. It also has great parameters. Thanks to this device changing the signal of transmitted data is very simple and fast. Due to our extensive experience, we’re able to assure you that Mikrotik media converters available in our offer will meet your expectations and needs. Their parameters’re sufficient to meet even the most difficult tasks.

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