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Extralink OLT

The most OLT devices are designed from the very beginning in such a way as to not only meet the current needs of a building or a company, but also to anticipate possible future needs. Fortunately, currently produced, innovative Extralink OLTs, such as PREDATOR EPON OLT 1U 19'' 8X GIGABIT PON PORTS/ 8X GIGABIT UPLINK PORTS/ 8X SFP PORTS, are successfully suitable for subsequent modification and expansion, thanks to their modern features. Therefore, when you decide on a specific Extralink OLT from our offer you can take into account not only specific assembly and warranty features of the product, but also its price. Thanks to a wide range of products, it’s possible to reach for such signal branching devices, which won’t generate any losses in signal quality- which is decisive for fiber optics.

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