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Extralink ONT/ONU

During installation of fiber optics from the administrator’s or investor’s point of view it is crucial to provide the best signal quality to the teletechnical room. In this room very often there are server or rack cabinets, to which various cables, switchgears, power supplies, splitters, etc. are attached. However, it’s often forgotten that also ONT/ONU devices, installed directly at the end customer or individual customer, may disturb the quality of the devices connected to the optical fiber to the greatest extent, therefore Extralink devices have the best quality

Main advantages of Extralink ONT/ONU

This happens naturally only in situations when Extralink ONT/ONU is defective from the moment of manufacture but also where it wasn’t installed correctly, especially when it comes to the cheapest solutions available on the market. That’s why we have prepared special offer for modern and quality Extralink ONT/ONU, such as Extralink Venus GPON 1GE which will provide comfort of a stable and actually extremely fast fiber optic connection in your home, regardless of the conditions. Thanks to its construction, Extralink ONT/ONU allows connecting client devices to fiber optic network with the usual LAN cable. Often, clients connect classic router to this device and this one then divides the signal between all logged in devices of the householder.

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