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Extralink PoE Injectors

The most modern teletechnical and IT networks increasingly try to combine power and data transfer functions in one cable. Thanks to this, for example, monitoring camera in the CCTV system with the use of devices such as Extralink PoE Injectors can be powered with the same cable, which simultaneously transmits data in a very fast band - in this case, high definition video material. Benefits for you as investors, users or end users of such technology are obvious and the most important one is reduction of number of cables needed to run the installation.

We offer PoE Injectors from Extralink, such as EXTRALINK 1 PORT POE INJECTOR AND SPLITTER, brand as a recognized and most willingly chosen ones by professionals in this segment.

El precio con IVA: 2,81 EUR

El precio con IVA: 16,81 EUR

El precio con IVA: 52,94 EUR

El precio con IVA: 60,79 EUR

El precio con IVA: 82,53 EUR

El precio con IVA: 7,11 EUR

El precio con IVA: 11,52 EUR

Extralink PoE Injectors with different parameters - tailored to your individual needs

Each of the proposed and available on our pages Extralink PoE Injector is described in great detail, along with technical data, so that you can get acquainted with the wide range of offers. Materials and engineering solutions used in these devices by the manufacturer guarantee long-term functionality and the ability to easily extend the system with additional devices. Our best available models are characterized by a large number of ports (NULL, 32 and even 48). Each of them has a very high capacity counted in 10/100/1000 Mbit/s. In addition, Extralink PoE Injector is always equipped with a separate surge fuse for each port with a maximum of 650mA.

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