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Extralink – power supplies

All kinds of problems with power supply, and above all its instability, have a very bad effect on the work of teletechnical infrastructure. The worst, of course, are complete power outages which occur as a result of failure or interruptions in energy supply from the municipal network. Therefore, the most crucial devices for you and your companies should be equipped not only with professional and safe Extralink brand power supplies, but also with additional standby power supplies. Data stored on servers or monitoring records may be completely damaged or unavailable, if the main storage system has regular problems with maintaining the correct voltage and current of electricity.

El precio con IVA: 19,04 EUR

Secure your data and device by choosing proper power supplies

In addition to constant power interruptions for low-voltage devices and most control centrals, voltage spikes are also very dangerous. In order to prevent from them, it’s best to conduct appropriate electrical measurements and invest in a professional Extralink power supply that will eliminate any spikes and drops in voltage or current. In this context it is important that each Extralink power supply is properly adapted to the powered device. Only the use of original or manufacturer approved replacements guarantees that Extralink power supplies will work together with all of their safety mechanisms in extreme situations. Both the efficiency of the end device itself and durability of data stored on it depend to a large extent on the quality, model and brand of the power supply you decide for.

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