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Mikrotik – Power supplies

First of all, having many network devices require appropriate power supplies. In our offer you’ll find various types of powering devices that have very good parameters. Thanks to them, you’ll be able to enjoy your operating equipment which is powered with the help of our devices. The power supplies proposed by our company are reliable beacause of their very high quality.

El precio con IVA: 7,98 EUR

El precio con IVA: 18,06 EUR

Mikrotik power supplies – efficient solution for demanding customers

We’re guided by your satisfaction. That’s why in our offer we’ve placed Mikrotik brand which for many years has been creating devices of all kinds. Their innovative approach and use of modern technologies allow you to obtain interesting and attractive products in many respects. Offered Mikrotik power supplies are primarily of a high quality. The most popular product is MikroTik 24HPOW 24V POWER SUPPLY + PLUG which became quite a hit and gained great recognition. This is due to the advanced functionality of this product and its effectiveness. Various Mikrotik power supplies are very popular among our customers but also network users from around the world. That's why we strongly encourage you to check them.

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