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Extralink rack accessories

Rack cabinet is the basic equipment intended not only for every server room, but also a teletechnical room in multi-family or industrial buildings. Workplaces using, for example, monitoring, need appropriate cabinets to place there the necessary infrastructure - recorders, LAN cables, multiswitches, power supplies, etc. In turn, the protection of such a cabinet is possible due to reaching for Extralink rack accessories, such as EXTRALINK ROUND LOCK FOR CABINETS, among which the most important allow you to limit an unauthorized access to the interior. Locks for rack cabinets may not have an extremely complicated construction, but the most important is the unique cut of the key to the lock, which can’t be easily duplicated.

Shelves, rails and mounting profiles for cabinet interiors - the most popular Extralink rack accessories

For a proper rack cabinet it’s necessary to design all teletechnical connections, devices and cabling in advance. That’s because all these items must fit in the cabinet. Certainly, users who choose Extralink rack accessory will appreciate the fact that the set also includes all the necessary assembly parts. We also provide assembly tools that allow you to twist and place the cabinet together. Constructions built with Extralink rack accessory are valued by customers because they are stable and functional over the years. Data protection from an unauthorized access with a unique lock and individually tailored key crowns the final work and allows you to complete a safe and functional rack cabinet.

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