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Extralink rack cabinets

Rack cabinets are designed to be used primarily for the organization and easier management of teletechnical infrastructure in housing estates or in workplaces, offices and above all, server rooms. That’s why Extralink rack cabinets, such as Extralink 4U 600X450, made available to our customers differ in sizes and parameters, so that the buyer can fit the ideal rack cabinet to meet his/her needs or needs of the managed facility. Very often such Extralink rack cabinet is used to set the CCTV recorder and monitor, cable television or patchpanel for fiber optics or the Internet. Naturally, all these devices have to be powered additionally. Because of this, in every rack cabinet kilometers of various cables and connectors are tangled up.

Well fitted Extralink rack cabinet - the key to success for any facility

An ideal Extralink rack cabinet is one that perfectly fits into a specific interior, that is, a room intended for server or administrative purposes. If the cabinet is used only for storage of one type of devices, it may be smaller and it may be a good idea to use wall-mounted models which are characterized by stable mounting to the wall at any height specified by the user. Larger Extralink rack cabinets should go to the place where all of the management centers are located. For example, these which manage district monitoring, intercoms, terrestrial and digital TV and the Internet from commercial suppliers. Any power outages or even simple service work require convenient access to devices, control panels and cabling, so a well fitted rack cabinet from our offer will allow you to avoid problems with teletechnical service in the future.

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