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Mikrotik radomes for antennas

In our offer you can find various products related to a wireless network. A must have product is radome for antenna which task is to ensure the safety and excellent condition of an antenna. Unquestionably, radomes are very important elements because they protect an antenna against a variety of external factors which may cause damage to the device itself. Without such a radome, an antenna is exposed to snow, rain or mechanical damage. In order to protect your equipment yoy should invest in a decent radome.

El precio con IVA: 74,73 EUR

El precio con IVA: 33,05 EUR

Mikrotik radomes for antennas – a good choice for demanding users

Proposed radomes by our company are primarily Mikrotik radomes for antennas. This brand is one of the best on the market so we couldn’t miss them in our offer. Radomes produced by this company are made of solid materials resistant to harmful factors and at the same time they don’t disturb the flow and don’t cause deterioration of the network signal quality. That's why Mikrotik antenna radomes are very well rated products popular among users and our customers. The guarantee of your satisfaction can be many years of experience of the manufacturer but also ours. Thanks to that we offer only proven and noteworthy products such as MT SLEEVE30 KIT FOR MANT30. We would like to encourage you to buy our Mikrotik radomes for antennas.

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