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Extralink SFP modules

SFP modules can be found in fiber optic networks and installations, especially these more distant from each other. Classic cables, or popular twisted-pair cables, didn’t guarantee high quality of transmitted data. That’s why nowadays we use optical fibers which offer a completely different quality of the entire network operating. However, the distance and width of a network to be maintained is the key in the case of a fiber optic cable. The more kilometers of fiber-optic routes are arranged in distance and width, the more Extralink SFP modules, such as EXTRALINK SFP 1.25G 1310NM 20KM SM DDM, should be used. Their main task is to extend the signal and its amplification after a specified number of kilometers, when the optical signal is not so clear.

El precio con IVA: 26,42 EUR

El precio con IVA: 56,85 EUR

How to choose an Extralink SFP module that will ensure the highest quality and stability of fiber optic connection?

For years Extralink has been known for its innovativeness and constant search for new methods to improve its devices, such as SFP Extralink modules. Currently, in the offer of our store you can find the most-valued and tested models of this manufacturer and not only. They are characterized primarily by excellent parameters. Extralink SFP module should be installed every 15-20 kilometers on the optical fiber route, although much depends on the chosen module and its class. All devices of this type should have a very wide range of temperatures in which they work and resistance to extremely high humidity (even 95%).

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