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Fibaro Smart Home

Creating in your home full comfort and convenience as well as ensuring safety has never been so easy. Well, it’s possible thanks to modern technology, devices such as Fibaro Smart Home. Equipping an apartment or a house with such devices allows you to have full control over what is happening in each room and also enables convenient control of various elements even at a distance. In our offer you can find numerous products that together create a truly smart home.

El precio con IVA: 47,47 EUR

El precio con IVA: 88,50 EUR

El precio con IVA: 138,75 EUR

El precio con IVA: 253,99 EUR

El precio con IVA: 830,42 EUR

El precio con IVA: 53,27 EUR

El precio con IVA: 65,01 EUR

Fibaro Smart Home – modern technology in a small size

One of the most interesting products that you can find in our store's offer are Fibaro Smart Home devices which enjoy great reviews. No wonder the Fibaro brand is known all over the world for its high quality and reliability as well as a modern technological approach. Currently, the product that enjoys the most attention in our store is the FIBARO MOTION SENSOR FGMS-001. It’s a top motion sensor whose parameters affect reliable operation. Importantly, this product coming straight from the Fibaro Smart Home is characterized by a small size, and at the same time very advanced technology. The sensor receives even the smallest movement, which is why it ensures safety and comfort every day. In addition, it’s also possible to measure the temperature within the device as well as the use of a light sensor.

We encourage you to check many other Smart Home products from Fibaro which of course are available in our store:

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