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Ubiquiti Networks – video accessories

Monitoring and other applications of video systems have already entered the landscape of our everyday life permanently. Numerous brands outdo each other in ideas, how to make this kind of tools even easier to use. Once again Ubiquiti Networks proves its unrivaled position in this field, which makes us very happy as the main distributor of the brand in Europe. That’s why we want to encourage you to get acquainted with our offer of UBNT video accessories, of which the UVC PRO MOUNT PRO-M camera mounting bracket deserves a particular attention.

Ubiquiti Networks video accessories – class in itself

Regardless of which accessory we write about from our rich offer – you can be sure that you deal with a product of the highest quality, from high-grade materials. Ubiquiti Networks video accessories produced in this way stand for the surest and reliable solution in really harsh environmental conditions, e.g. when mounting cameras on poles in the urban space. It would seem that the bracket or other accessory is not a big deal. You could ask yourselves, why would I have to pay more attention to it? But it's a mistake - after all, the security of much more expensive equipment or the quality of the image recorded depends on such small details. We encourage you to choose proven and compatible solutions. If you have any questions – it’s worth to contact us.

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