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Mikrotik wireless solutions

A variety of wireless solutions in our offer guarantee trouble-free use of the wireless network anywhere both in office and at home. Modern approach and the use of innovative technology allow manufacturers to create very attractive products in many respects. You can find them in our extensive offer in which there’re both less and more advanced products.

Mikrotik Wireless solution – trouble-free data transfer

In our offer we have prepared a range of products which allow you to use a wireless network anywhere, anytime. We have extensive experience, thanks to which we offer only high quality products and brands. Therefore, we couldn’t skip Mikrotik which is one of the most well-known brands in the world. Mikrotik wireless solutions are used on a very wide scale and they have very favorable opinions among clients. One of our top products is Light Head Grid , a wireless network device with a built-in antenna. Such a Mikrotik wireless solution is suitable for point-to-point connections or as a CPE client device.

In addition to the proven Mikrotik wireless solutions, we can also offer other noteworthy products:

We encourage you to browse our entire offer.